Jerry Rosen has just separated from his wife who, unable to cope with a lifetime of insecurity, has escaped to the dubious haven of alcohol. His son is experimenting with drugs , and his carpet mill in Dalton Georgia is in danger of going under. The country has slipped into a deep recession and money is tight. He grapples with a question - is he, and the life-style he has led, the root cause of his family's problems?

     The attempt to answer that question launches him on a journey of memories that takes him back to the naiveté' of the 1950's. He recalls his service on a weather cutter in the Coast Guard and the ensuing, gut wrenching, ups and downs of his entrepreneurial endeavors. The dark underbelly of the roaring twenties and a new slant on the Arnold Rothstein murder are revealed through the eyes of his father, Monte Rosen, and his retainer, Billie Blue. All of this is set against the back-drop of a country torn by racial division and riddled with contradictions.

     His recollections trigger another question - a question about the paving material of the famed American streets. 

A 550 page paperback Novel by Jack Schwartz

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