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Ithaca Model 37 Bayonet attachment

All steel high quality reproduction. 6 row 29 hole heat shield riveted to the attachment with 6 steel rivets like the original.  Comes complete with octagonal base brass bead sight, sling swivel and 3 attachment screws.  This attachment will fit the Ithaca Model 37 12 gauge featherlite barrel when the barrel is cut to 20 inches (3 shallow grooves will have to be filled in the underside of the barrel to accept the attachment screws).  The proper positioning of the attachment on the barrel is to have the front of the round bayonet lug even with the muzzle for filing the grooves.  Shipped in the white (you must color to match your gun). Due to a heavy backlog will ship within 5 to 6 weeks of receipt of payment.

Note: if you do not have an original trench gun you will need to make modifications to your gun. *** Read the following instructions before purchasing. ***


Cut barrel to 20-1/2 inches measuring from the end of the chamber to the end of the muzzle

For Winchester 97 only, remove the clamp that holds the magazine tube and the barrel together (this clamp will no longer be used). For Winchesters only, if your magazine plug does not have a 9/32 stud on the end of it you will need to replace it with one that does in order to support your magazine tube. We sell them on our web site.

Remove the 3 securing screws from the attachment and slide the bayonet attachment on the barrel until the 9/32 stud on the end of the magazine plug goes into the hole in the rear of the leg on the attachment and the rear of the leg is flush with the face of the magazine plug. This is for Winchesters only. For Stevens and Ithaca slide the attachment on the barrel until the end of bayonet lug (round stud that the bayonet ring slides over) is even with the muzzle end of the barrel. Leaves approx. ½ inch of barrel showing.

Making sure that the leg of the bayonet attachment is lined up with the trigger guard (centered) scribe 3 marks in the bottom of the barrel by inserting a small rat tail file in each of the 3 screw mounting holes.

Remove the attachment and file each groove just enough to let the screw clear (you do this by sliding on and removing the attachment and screwing in the screw until it clears. Do this for all 3 screws. Be careful not to make the slots too deep which could weaken the barrel. The screws should clear the barrel easily without forcing when the groove is deep enough. Trying to force the screw can strip it and or damage the threads in the attachment.






PRICE: $32.00


This is the correct 1-3/8 inch long butt stock sling swivel for original Winchester 97 and Model 12 trench guns. It is perfect for your conversion project as well. Comes with 2 wood screws.